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Auction Bill
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Friday, September 18, 2015
10:00 AM SHARP
There will be Online Bidding Available for this auction. For more details or to register to bid, visit the online auction site at

Click to Register or Log-In to Bid Online
NOTE: You only need to register ONCE to bid on all of our online auctions. You do NOT need to register separately for each auction.

Instructions for getting to the Live Auction on Auction Day:
If you are registered to bid on our online auctions, you will first need to log-in by clicking on the button above and entering your username and password in the log-in form. If you are not registered and only wish to view the auction without bidding, skip to the next section.

To get to the live auction page on auction day, you will need to go to the Upcoming Auctions page at and click on the auction you wish to view (which will be the one with the current date).

If you win 1 or more items bidding online, you should receive an email giving you instructions on who to contact to pay. DISREGARD THIS EMAIL. Since the online bidding is through our auction company (Ruhter Auction), the email sent out says to contact them, however, they do not handle the payments for our auctions.

Here are the actual payment instructions: All winning bidders should be contacted the night of the auction day or in a day or 2 after the auction by our clerking company. Or, if you would like to contact them, you can contact Bernie or Pat at Valish Sales at 308-324-2053 or 308-324-6574. Please do not call during the auction as they will be busy clerking. Call the evening of auction day or any time after. They will instruct you on how to make payment and who to make payment to.


There is a buyer's fee for any item bought online. The following chart shows the fee that you will pay PER ITEM that you buy. This fee will be added on to the final selling price of the item.

  • Anything Selling $0 to $4,999 - 2%
  • Anything Selling $5,000 to $9,999 - $295
  • Anything Selling $10,000 to $14,999 - $395
  • Anything Selling $15,000 and Higher - $495
PLEASE NOTE: These fees apply ONLY to buyers who purchase items online. There will be NO buyer's fee or premium to buyers who attend the auction and purchase on-site.


The following are the terms for online buyers:
Payment (including the buyer's fee) must be made within 4 banking days of auction. All items sell in “as is” condition & without any guarantee whatsoever. Item descriptions provided are for reference only and none of the information in the descriptions is guaranteed. It’s the bidder’s responsibility to determine and/or confirm condition or description of items before bidding. Bidders have the right to drive or test items PRIOR TO or DURING the auction only. Once the auction is over, all sales are final and NO refunds will be given. It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange pickup and removal of all items. All items are to be removed within 30 days after the auction. No equipment can be loaded or removed until payment clears. If any of these terms are not adhered to, the seller (Grint Farm Supply) has the right to refuse the sale and take control and keep possession of the item or items bought. Auctioneers , owners, and Grint Farm Supply are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Not responsible for consignor deliveries. Loading Hours are 8 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday (CLOSED DURING THE NOON HOUR), 8 AM to 12 PM on Saturday. NO SUNDAY LOADING.
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Auction Starts in 16 days, 12 hours, 38 minutes
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Late Additions
Items that were consigned too late to be advertised in the newspaper
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Item Updates
Updates and/or changes that apply to advertised items. Such as an item not coming.
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Advertised Items
Items that were advertised in the newspapers

Items with a earth next to them will be available for Internet Bidding
(If all items have red bullets, then that means that Internet Items haven't been decided yet.
This information usually won't be available until a few days before the auction.)
Skidsteer Attachments
Tillage, Planting, & Fert.
Hay & Feed Equip.
Harvest Equipment
Indust., Constr., & Dirt Equip
Loaders & Attachments
Mowers, Shredders, & Choppers
Livestock Equipment

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